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Issue #15 – Weapons of the Centuries


For most civilizations, the objective is to thrive and expand. in order to these  civilizations to do so, weapons needed to be used. Throughout time, leaders have g one to great measures to make sure that they are not defeated against the enemy. Some of these measures and tactics were very unique. Weapons have been around for quite some time!

It is speculated that man began to use weapons as early as five million years ago. However, this cannot be confir med using the evidence we have today. The earliest weapon ever found are the Schöninger Speere: eight wooden throwing spears, believed to be more than 300,000 years old. That is still a very long time!

Man overboard! In 1865 when a Uruguayan ship ran out of cannonballs while at war with Brazil, they decided to fire stale Dutch cheese at their enemies. One of the cheeses used actually dismasted a ship.

I ate what?! Rebels of the Roman uprising would use a substance known as maddening honey, toxic honey made from a poisonous plant. They gave it to the Romans, who were eager to eat the sweet substance. Soon after consumption, the soldiers would become delirious and nauseous, leading to an easy defeat.


Kindergarten for Soldiers After losing several battles Egypt decided that it was time to build an army. Boys were signed up as young as 5 years old. However, they didn’t actually start fighting until they were 20 years old.

The Need for Speed In trained hands, a bow and arrow were 12 times faster than early guns because the guns took a long time to load and fire.

Manners have always been important It was proper for a man to walk with a lady on his left, so that his right arm was free. The reason to have a free right arm was to have easy access to his sword. The right arm was known as the sword arm.



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