Many movies have been made depicting life in different time periods; some factual and some fantasy. Here are Circles’ top 10 movies depicting civilizations:

1.10,000 B.C.-(2008). A fantasy adventure film set in the prehistoric era.






2. The Book of Eli-(2010). An adventure film starring Denzel Washington based in post-apocalyptic America.






3. 300-(2007). Adaptation based on the Battle of Thermopylae, pitting Greek Spartans against the mighty Persian military.


4. Dances with Wolves-(1990). A film set in the American Frontier in the 1860’s. Starring Kevin Costner, It is the story about a military lieutenant traveling to a remote military post and his encounters with a Lakota Indian Tribe.


5. Memoirs of a Geisha-(2005). Follows the journey of a young Japanese girl through the training and education of becoming a Geisha.

6. Braveheart-(1995). Based on the life of William Wallace; a 13th century Scottish warrior who led the Scottish against King Edward I of England in the first War of Scottish Independence.

7. The Patriot–(2000). An American historical war film based on The Revolutionary War.

8. The Mummy-(1999). An adventure film starring Brenden Fraser, the movie glimpses into the life-based events of ancient Egypt in 1290 B.C., and brings them into a re-incarnation in 1926.

9. Gladiator-(2000). Starring Russell Crowe. Set in 180 A. D. in ancient Rome, the story depicts the life of a former Roman General who is reduced to slavery. He is later forced to rise through the ranks as a fighter in the Coliseum to earn the title of gladiator.


10. Henry VIII-(2003). Chronicles the life of Henry VIII. From his first marriage which ended in disintegration, through his six marriages, to his death from a stroke in 1547.


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