Inventions are defined as “products of the imagination that can later be developed into usable devices, methods, or processes.”


Even in the modern times in which we live, and the latest technologies that are still being developed, some items that were created at the dawn of civilization are crucial to society even to this day.

Steam Engines –  The concept of steam engines and the process  of harnessing steam and turning it into energy was first introduced by an ancient Greek engineer named Hero, and even modern day steam engines are based on his early concept. The engines helped to move heavy objects, and were the first real source of automatic energy They later became an important part of the Industrial Revolution.


Paper – In 4000 B.C., paper was first fertilized by Ancient Egyptians and was called Papyrus. Papyrus was a woven mat made of reeds pounded together into thin hard sheets. Even the word paper is actually derived from the word papyrus. Today, paper serves as an item used for writing on, packaging items, and making cleaning products.

Medicine – Ancient Egyptians struggle between good and evil. Ancient Egyptians were constantly studying and improving methods of finding cures for illness and promoting healing. They can even be credited with many surgical procedures, which are still widely used to this day.

Plumbing – Although Romans perfected the use of indoor plumbing; it was only affordable to the very wealthy. In today’s society, the development of plumbing and sewer systems are important to the promotion of hygiene, carrying sewage though water lines to remove waste away from populated areas, preventing the spread of disease.



Roads- Ancients Romans improved the process of making roads by perfecting the process of creating concrete, as well as the paving process. They also perfected the art of stabilizing concrete by pouring foundations and allowing it to solidify. The roads were resistant to floods and environmental hazards, because of the improvement in design, many ancient roman roads still exist to this day. Modern roads are vital to travel, transportation, and to the economy; as they provide means of getting from place to place.Without all of these products created by great imaginations and ideas, where would we be?



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