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What and how we eat varies from culture to culture. Circles found some interesting facts about mealtime that may surprise you.

• The practice of putting lemon on fish actually originated during the middle ages, when it was believed that juice from a slice of lemon would dissolve any small fish bones that may have been swallowed.

• The first soup was made from hippopotamus and dates back to 6000bc.

• The practice of using parsley as a garnish originated in Ancient Rome. Parsley was used in funerals to protect the dead from evil. It is believed that placing parsley on a plate of food protects the meal from evil.

• At mealtime, Greeks used leftover bread as a napkin. The bread was then thrown on the floor for the dogs or the slaves.

• In China it was considered inappropriate to use forks and knives for eating as these instruments were used as weapons.


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