Spices bring out the best flavors in food. They are also used as medicine and have been used for ceremonial purposes. Archeologists discovered spices in Egyptian tombs as early as 3000 BC and wall in the palace of Knossos, in Crete, shows a monkey/man picking saffron, one of the most precious of all spices; the carving dates back to 1700

BC. Circles discovered the origins of some of our favorite spices and what they can be used for, other than cooking. Anise is native to the Mediterranean and Southwest  Asia and can be used to flavor liquor. Cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka and can be used to preserve food.


Cloves originated in Indonesia and can be used as an ant repellent. Ginger originated in Asia and can be used to aid digestion. Oregano originated in Greece where they placed it on graves to bring peace to the souls of their departed loved ones.


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