Animals who are hurt or need surgery often find themselves with a Veterinary Technician. “A vet tech is essentially a nurse that cares for animals instead of people“, stated Michelle Trolson, a veterinary technician at the Sunrise Veterinary Clinic. These professionals have spent years in school and hours as a volunteer at their local animal shelter. Michelle started her career 6 years ago. She spent almost four years at the College of Southern Nevada and half that time was spent strictly on the practice and science of animals.



“Some of the schooling was very difficult; it takes a strong mind to focus on the science and math involved with this job.” As a vet tech, Michelle has several jobs she does with the animals “I operate only on cats and dogs here at the clinic. There are ups and downs to the job. One of the hardest tasks in this job would euthanize the animals. Putting them down can be emotional.”

Michelle had some advice for those interested in becoming a Vet Tech, “If you love animals, go for it. Do what you love. To make sure this is something you want to do, first volunteer; it will help you see what it is like to work in the field. I started in the feral cat clinic in my area. People can find this job challenging. However, it is very rewarding. To see all the animals and witness the recovery, it makes me feel happy.” As for Michelle’s future, “I found what I love to do. After years of doing other jobs where I was unhappy, this is it. There are no more goals for my career; I will be doing this until I retire.” Hopefully everyone can find their dream job, just like Michelle.

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