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Issue #14 – Meet the Contributors

dream-job-pic1Dominique Clay-Brown:

Besides photography my ultimate dream is to be a Kindergarten Teacher, I absolutely love kids. I absolutely love kids. I have always wanted to be a teacher. To teach them ABC’s, Shapes, etc… To achieve my dream of becoming a teacher I will need to go to college for approximately 4 years to learn the skills.


dream-job-pic2Roman Alvarez: I want to be a Graphic Designer. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I love to design stuff and the aspect of it all. I would like to design the graphics on buildings, cars, and movie posters. I just want to design on everything I possibly can.



dream-job-pic3Daniel Romero: I want to be a Fireman. I just want to rescue innocent people that are trapped in fires and put the flames out. I want to be part of the action and not on the sidelines. I like the action because it gets my heart pumping night and day. It’s okay to have two families one at home and another at the Fire House.


Will Jiles: I would like to have a job where I fix computers, because everything is going to computers anyways,  technology is advancing really fast. I would also like to get a degree in business, so I can have my own business selling electronics.




Jeremy Holland: I want to own a Bowling Center. I know I need to start small like maybe working at the shoe and lane rentals and work my way up to becoming a manager. Once I learn all the aspects of what it takes to run the place, I want to own one. I know it will take hard work and dedication on my part.





Michelle Frese: I would like to be a Child Photographer. I think that it would be really fun working with children and making memories for them and their family. I really enjoy doing things like that.







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