There is a huge demand for people in the government workforce. The desire for these positions is also rapidly growing as more people are noticing the amazing benefits that come with the job.

People have many routes they can choose; city, state and federal. It might take time and a heavy thought process to hone down what someone may and may not want to do for a living. The decision process may be taxing, but the payoff is well worth the time.

City Government


The job of the mayor is essentially the leader of a city. He or she represents all aspects and responsibilities needed for a city to function and develop. Depending on the city’s size, a Mayor might not get paid very well. If he or she is representing a smaller city, then they would only be paid very little…some as little as a $1 per year! In larger cities such as Seattle, Mayors will get paid much more as there is more needed to have the city function. They will take home about $170,000 per year.

State government


The job of Governor is the head of the state he or she represents. They are elected into power and regulate the state funds and laws.

Senator A U.S. Senator represents the state’s citizens by talking to officials about problems or concerns across the state. They also speak to citizens about how current laws affect the people. The senate also helps the president of the US with the laws that are passed.

Federal Government


The President of the United States of America is the head of the government. He leads the executive branch of the federal government. He is elected into the position and can only run for two, four-year terms.  He can sign bills into law for the entire country, as well as veto any he deems unfit. To Veto, means to avoid, or say, ‘no’.  His salary is around $400,000 and he will receive pension after he retires from working as president.

Vice President

The Vice President of the United States is the second highest public official. He is elected into office when his represented president is voted into office. If something would cause the President to no longer fulfill his responsibilities, the Vice President would then replace him as President. The Vice President is also the leader of the Senate. If there is a tie in the Senate, he is allowed to vote to break the tie.

Supreme Court

The role of the US Supreme Court is interpreting the Constitution. The nine member committee has the final say on all legal matters. They settle disputes between states, hear appeals from state and federal courts, and determine if a new federal law is constitutional.

Cabinet Members

All cabinet members are selected into office by the president. They are all representatives of branches in the United States government (Financial, Secretarial, Agriculture, Health, Energy etc.). These members oversee all operations in their related field.

Civil Jobs

Civil servants are professionals who work for the government and who salaries are paid by taxpayers. To be a civil servant means to work for the community whether it is at the local level or the national level.

Teachers that teach in public schools are considered civil servants.

Engineers that spealicalize in construction of the roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, sewages and water systems are civil servants.

Members of the armed forces who work to defend the United States are civil servants.
Judges working in America’s courtrooms are considered civil servants.

Policemen that protect our communities are civil servants.


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