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Typically we have received only positive comments from our readers and they are greatly appreciated. But recently we received an anonymous letter regarding an article in our “Entertainment” issue which featured Rachael Ray, Bobby Flay, and Paula Deen. The article was simply a look at how cooking shows, and their stars, have become a large part of the entertainment industry. We were criticized for selecting Deen due to the controversy that surrounded her in the past year. Circles feels that the writer of the letter may have not reacted so strongly if they had some insight into who we are and how we choose our content.

Circles Magazine is a lifestyle magazine. We are just one of several businesses ran by Transition Services Inc., a non-profit organization that provides meaningful work to adults with developmental disabilities. The magazine is intended to allow the individuals we support to do something they are not usually asked to do; share with others, their unique view of the world around them. All themes and content are arrived at through brainstorming sessions lead by staff and are voted on by all team members.

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