On the board of directors for transition services is a very passionate lady. her name is Christine wonderlin and she is a career coach. She helps navigate individuals in choosing their career path. She guides them and believes in them and their choices. she helps individuals with disabilities, people transitioning between one job to another and high risk youths in foster care. Christine told Circles that a good career coach is not a  judgmental person and her advice in choosing a career coach is to interview the coach and make sure that you feel comfortable with them. Always ask plenty of questions.

Christine has been working since she was 16 and in the past she worked as an assistant secretary and worked her way up to a supervisor position at Wisconsin Gas Company. On her free time she taught herself how use the computer, as technology was growing rapidly and there wasn’t access to a teacher. Because of this she continued on to be a teacher herself in the computer field. At the age of 40 Christine went to college, seeking to help people with disabilities. She not only got her degree but became a graduate’s assistant in Environmental Studies for 7 years and has been a career coach for 20 years. Some of her favorite jobs are being a counselor, teacher, and grant writer. As President of the Board of Directors for Transitions Services, Christine has big plans for the future. She believes in what Transitions Services has to offer their clients. Eventually, her goal is to focus strictly on the company. As a veteran grant writer she has the expertise and knowledge to find upcoming directions for Transitions Services. The company is eager to see what her open mind and creativity have to offer.


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