cosmetology-school-pic1Las Vegas is known for its  Entertainment cosmetology-school-group-picand Service Industries which require a high level of showmanship. This has created a wide variety of careers in the field of Cosmetology. The Cosmetology Industry consists of professionals who are known as Salon Stylist, Hair color specialist, Make-up Artist, Wig or Extensions specialist, Skin Care Specialist, Nail Technician, Manicurist, Day Spa Stylist, Salon Manager, cosmetology-school-pic2Salon Owner, Product Educator, Cosmetic Chemist, Hairstylist for TV, Movies, or Theater, Artistic Director, Design Team Member, Platform Artist, Educator, Writer and State Board Member. A career in Cosmetology requires education and training consisting of written, practical, and apprenticeship hours. Circles Magazine visited Expertise Cosmetology School cosmetology-school-pic3and toured their 11,000 square foot training center where they combine technical classroom instruction with hands on practical experience in their Student Run Salon. Expertise Cosmetology Institute provides career preparation in cosmetology arts and sciences, trains and prepares students for the State Board Examination and facilitates licensed graduates to obtain employment in the cosmetology field. Expertise requires students pass the written, practical, and theory training with a minimum of 75% to satisfy their program requirements. Expertise releases training hours to state board after training is completed and students who pass then apply to the board for a license. Cheryl McElroy has been with Expertise Cosmetology School of Las Vegas since it opened its doors in 2001. Cheryl attended Business College and became a legal secretary before attending Beauty College. She started her 32 year career in Indiana, where she worked for 2 salons before becoming a Platform Artist at Dudley Cosmetics. She was even featured in Dudley Magazine. When Cheryl relocated to Las Vegas and was looking for employment opportunities, she learned through Dudley Cosmetics about a mother and daughter team opening a Cosmetology School here. She applied for the position, and caught the attention of Terry Closman from Expertise Cosmetology, who knew about Dudley Cosmetics and hired Cheryl on the spot. Cheryl and the team at Expertise have been committed to providing students with everything necessary to become successful and self-sufficient ever since.


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