For most people, it takes talent, creativity, and patience to master the skills of arts and crafts; but fortunately for Carol Bruce, her talent came early on and has developed over time.




Carol is a Training Specialist for Transitions Services at the Spring Mountain work site.  Carol was taught the art of sewing and quilting at a very young age by her mother.  She first began making creations such as doll clothes and aprons from printed flour sacks and sewing remnants.  Carol later advanced to creating and sewing costumes for herself and the neighborhood children and, by high school, began making and sewing her own clothing.





Carol is also a 3rd generation quilter and started a small quilt pattern business in 2001.  Carol continues to sell patterns to shops and customers world-wide to this day.  When designing patterns, Carol’s goal is to design patterns that are fun, as well as easy to make.  On December 6th, Carol was notified by The American Quilters Society that she was selected as a semi-finalist in the International Quilt Show to be held in Phoenix, Arizona in early February.   Her entry will be competing with quilts from 42 states and 7 other countries.



In addition to quilting and sewing, Carol is also an accomplished photographer, first learning to take photos on a Brownie camera in elementary school; and later; learning to develop film and print photos by the time she was in high school.  Carol has also taken photos for newspapers, as well as occasional freelance work.




In her spare time, Carol also enjoys painting, and has created designs for everything from art for fingernails to 60-foot wall murals.  Carol has also designed and painted for dance studios, wedding chapels, and even murals for the home of local entertainers Siegfried and Roy.



Because of the many talents that Carol has developed, this has allowed her to pursue past career opportunities such as an exciting 10-year career with Siegfried and Roy as a wardrobe and pre-set assistant where costumes, wardrobe changes, and show props were laid out in set order and inspected for last minute preparation and repairs prior to each act and were quickly altered to meet the show requirements.





Carol is not only an extremely gifted individual; but has also had a very exciting array of opportunities brought about by the artistic abilities she possesses.

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