Muisc-RoomJason-Cyou like music you then you’ll like local musician, audio and

video producer, and web design artist Jason Constantine. We recently interviewed him here at Circles and he even played a couple of songs for us. We learned a lot about him and got an inside look at what he does.

Jason said he is an artistic person and has a natural ability, so getting into the music business was natural for him, plus, his father was a musician and he

followed in his footsteps.

Jason has been in the music business for 25 years and when he moved to Las Vegas in 2004 was able to find work immediately. Jason has played with several different bands and has been nominated for 5 “Vegas Rocks” music awards. Jason’s favorite part of his career is

performing and seeing the impact his music has on others. Currently Jason performs live at least 20 hours a week at local venues. He also spends a small amount of time on

photography and the rest of the time he spends in the studio recording, mixing and editing music and video. He told us that the editing can be very repetitive and requires patience and a lot of practice.Muisc-Room-2

Jason said he finds the editing process a little boring due to the lack of personal

interaction but said that it is also very rewarding when he sees a bands reaction to the finished project. He hopes by providing these services at a low cost he can help other musicians “break out” with their music. Jason believes in the Las Vegas music scene

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