Pic-1Pic-2The local Las Vegas scene is becoming more and more appreciative of Performing Arts. This can mean anything from acting, dancing, or being a musician. It is also becoming accessible to pursue a career in the field of Performing Arts. However, it is still challenging to enter the field.as the growth of the industry is creating a higher competition. Here in the Las Vegas there are several options to begin or continue a passion in Performing Arts.

Get an early start!

 Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts is an alternative high school that focuses on having their students not only exceed at their scholastics, but also their passion in theater, dance, or music. The audition process is quite demanding. The focus of the audition is to see whether the students have the talent, motivation, ambition, and responsibility needed for the school. Students must have an excellent standing in their secondary schools, and must have the ability to recite and perform under pressure.Fun Fact #1


Acting can be a great outlet to express the creativity in someone’s personality. But there are certain traits expected of those who want to begin a career in acting, including confidence, courage, and an open mind. Local theaters are spread across the Las Vegas area, all with different methods and approaches to their specialty.Fun Fact #2

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There are several opportunities for people living in Las Vegas to pursue a career in dance. To be a dancer you have to have a physical and mental preparation and know it’s going to be hard. It takes several hours of practice each day, and it is physically demanding to the body. It is imperative to be athletic and flexible. Most dancers start taking classes at a very young age.

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To be a musician, it takes several hours of practice a day, and a determination to strive for excellence. Performers have spent years perfecting their musicianship. If people want to be a musician, it is helpful that he or she starts at a young age. Playing an instrument, takes a strong mind, an immense focus, and the will to balance structure with creativity.

Being an entertainer can be very difficult since the competition is high. It can be an obstacle just to get noticed. An option a person has is to find a Talent Agent.

purpose of the agents is to work as the middleman between the actor and the casting agent. Agents cannot guarantee that the actor will be granted the position; that is still the responsibility of the actor. Actors must also pay for 10% of their earnings for their agent’s services. It’s a small price to pay to try to make it big.


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