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 The employment game is played in every corner of the world today, by different walks of people, armed with skills and experiences each and everyone hopes to advertise and sell in the global job market.  Job Fairs provide  Employers and Job Seekers the opportunity to be seen and heard.



Professionalism and social skills may help you navigate through the Job Fair; however preparation gives your experience, much needed direction. Polish your resume and have a professional colleague proofread it for grammar, spelling and information pertinence. Research employers that interest you the most, check their websites, read news reports, press releases, and their current openings that fit your skill-set and prepare appropriate outline questions for your choice employer that reveals your genuine interest of the company.

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Come prepared, bring plenty of copies of your resume and make sure to leave one at the registration table upon entering the fair. Find the companies you had planned to approach, look them up in the directory and read their company description/positions available. Take initiative and be resourceful, even if you don’t know anything about a company, approach it as a learning opportunity and maintain a friendly, honest, confident, and enthusiastic demeanor and don’t forget to smile. There will be many other candidates at the fair, keep hopeful and don’t assume that you’re a shoe-in for an interview.

Follow up

Your job fair strategy needs to include a good follow-up plan. Take notes of who you interviewed and spoke with. Ask recruiters the best way to follow-up, different recruiters prefer different methods (e-mails, calls, letters or sometimes nothing at all.) Be respectful and aware of these methods. Organize the brochures and business cards you’ve gathered and make more notes on the companies you’ve visited.


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