For over 35 years, Siegfried and Roy had been the premier headlining act on the Las Vegas strip. Their names were “sparkle” and “genius” and they set a standard for innovation and creativity that many of the current acts on the strip continue to follow to this day.

Siegfried, bringing the component of magic, and Roy, with the uncanny ability to work with animals, entertained over 25 million people in the span of their career. Some of the animals that Siegfried and Roy worked with included Gilda, a 56 year-old elephant that played the harmonica and loved to drink soda, and white tigers named Vishnu and Montecor.

Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn first met on the cruise ship, the T.S. Bremen. They began their Las Vegas career at the Stardust and eventually settled at The Mirage, where they performed until 2003, when Roy was allegedly attacked by Montecore during their final performance. Siegfried and Roy were known for treating their employees exceedingly well and hired staff based on their level of creativity and ability to problem-solve quickly in the event of unforeseen situations.

Siegfried and Roy spent the majority of their time at their compound named “Little Bavaria”, and raised numerous animals including lions, elephants, and white tigers; which they are most famous for working within their shows.


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