Working in real estate is a demanding job and you need to have a wide range of knowledge; from complicated mathematics and contract negotiation to law and building codes. Becoming a Real Estate Agent requires 90 hours of instruction with a minimum of 18 hours in law from an accredited education provider. You must also pass a national and state exam. But that isn’t it for school; there are classes you will have to take every 2 to 4 years to renew your license. It also doesn’t hurt to take additional classes at a community college to fine tune your skills. Keeping up on the constantly changing real estate rules and guidelines governed by the state that the real estate agent works in is imperative.


Building a relationship with the client is a must. Being personable, friendly, and knowledgeable will help you earn their trust. Whether the client is buying or selling they need to have faith in their agent to either find them everything on their wish list or get them the highest price for their home. Knowing your clients limitations, and standards are also key. Up Stage Unless your client is looking for a fixer-upper, your properties should be as visually appealing as possible. By staging a home to be shown you can transform a small dreary place, into a cozy nook to kick up your feet and relax in. It gives potential buyers the chance to actually picture themselves residing in that home. Proper staging can bring focus to the properties finer points. It can also detract attention from any areas of concern. You may want to consult an interior designer that specializes instaging if you don’t have an eye for design.


Being a real estate agent is challenging, but can be a lucrative career, especially when the market in on the upswing. But no matter how much you make it is good to be prepared for the times when the housing market slows down by keeping a nest egg for in between sales.

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