High Octane Careers are jobs in industries with extreme conditions and high risks. What does it take to work in these careers?

It depends on who you ask and which career you may be interested in. What they all have in common are discipline, dedication, commitment, andcar-2 expertise. They are also physically and mentally demanding.

Motorsports- The Need for Speed

Most people with a career in motorsports start out competing for fun or as a family activity. While it may be an expensive hobby those that rise to the top and have careers in the field can make a lot of money. One of the most high profile careers in motorsports is that of driver but it takes a team of highly trained professionals to provide car--3them with the tools and support they need to come out a winner. There are engineers who design the vehicles and crew chiefs to run the teams. There are also mechanics, pit coaches, and pit crews that support the driver during competition. The most popular race series are NASCAR (stock cars),

NHRA (drag racing), and IRA (Indy).

Pilots-Up, Up, and Away

Pilots are highly trained professionals who fly

airplanes and helicopters. Most pilots begin their training in the military but there are also civilian flight schools. Most pilots are either Airline or Commercial pilots but there are also Military and Aerobatic pilots. Airline pilots transport people and cargo on a fixed

Commercial pilots fly aircraft for other reasons, such as charter flights, rescue operations, and firefighting. Aerobatic pilots fly in competition and for entertainment and require a broader set of piloting skills. Military pilots are originally trained for combat and after logging at least 2500 hours qualify to fly with either the

Thunderbirds or Blue Angels.

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