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Issue #14 – Keeping it in the family


chef-pictureFor many chefs it all starts at home; they first learn to cook very young by watching a family member. That is where it all started for Carlos Hernandez who is a student at The International Culinary Academy. Recently Circles visited ICA and was given a tour of the campus and the Opus kitchen where we met Carlos. Carlos told Circles that his grandmother was a chef and when he was a small child she taught his mother to cook and then eventually began to teach him. He said there are many cooks in his family and it makes him very happy to be able to cook professionally. We asked Carlos what is one of his favorite dishes to make, and, with a smile, he said, “pumpkin pie with a twist; roasted bananas mixed with pumpkin and spices. It is a big hit with the family and every time I make it you have to reserve your piece because it goes so fast!” Carlos is due to graduate in March and when asked what his plans for the future were, he told us, “I am looking into some places that are on the strip and there are 4 or 5 of them that I am waiting to hear back from.” Circles thinks there is a bright future for Carlos and we wish him the best. Now who wants pie?

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