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Issue #13 – Motorcycles In Movies

 custom harley bike


From the 1950’s and to the future there have been many Harley-Davidson motorcycles in films both black and white and color. They have been making movies with motorcycles on television shows and documentaries showing what year, type, make and models they are: choppers, Ducati, Yamaha, or Indian etc. The people who designed these incredible bikes for a living have been lending their talents to cool films such as Born to Ride with Starship Trooper actor Casper Van Dien, Ghost Rider with character Johnny Blaze and actor Nicholas Cage, Eye of the Tiger with Gary Busey, Easy Rider with Henry Fonda and Dennis Hopper and Wild Hogs with actors like John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Laurence and William H. Macy and last but not least the amazing movie Rebel without a Cause with James Dean and many others with these amazing Harleys.

Harley Davidson in the Hajar Mountains road Dubai


There is only one television show that has many custom Harley Davidson Motorcycles with the old actor Ron Perlman in it is called Sons of Anarchy, it shows up sometime on FX and there are like five seasons of it. There are many documentaries about these heavy-metal hogs with gangs in them too for example there is the Hells Angels, the Mongols etc. I have seen a motorcycle documentary called Harley-Davidson the Spirit of America it talks about how all the riders from all over the globe come into these bike rallies, how the name Harley Davidson became a continuous and long living legend to the USA. Unlike many other motorcycles they are very fast and dangerous too.

CVO hog


I’ve seen actors in motorcycle films don black leather jackets, jeans, gloves, helmets, boots and more protective gear to ride into the open road more safely on the road and not get into bad accidents all the time. In these biker movies, all motorcycle riders customize their helmets, choppers; with all kinds of stuff with tall ape hangers to ride in style, do a paintjob to make the entire body of the bike more colorful with skulls, dragon’s, eagles and other very cool stuff.




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