Dr. Who


Dr.Who-Who Is He?

Dr. Who was a traveling Time Lord traveling in a spaceship called the TARDIS.  He takes along companions with him on his travels. Along the way he battles monsters, evil aliens, and even fights his rival, The Master. When he gets hurt, he can regenerate his body. He has regenerated his body ten times.  He has gone to many worlds and also went through time. The television series began in 1963 and had a television movie in 1996 and a remake again in 2005. Star Trek had met up with Doctor Who in comic books and also the show South Park.

dr. who at booth


Doctor Who turns 50 years old on November 23, 2013. There will be a special on BBC America commemorating this. The top ten movies of Doctor Who online, The Tenth Doctor Says Goodbye, The Eighth Doctor, Doctor Who The first regeneration, Top five sad Doctor Who moments, Sarah Jane meets 11th Doctor, Badass Doctor Who moments, Doctor Who talking to his past, Doctor Who meeting South Park, and Star Trek meets Doctor Who. Doctor Who also has trading cards, 240 cards in all. It started in March 2013.  So far 798 episodes have been aired on television holding the world record for the most episodes of the series. Dr Who has been a favorite of many science fiction fans and continues to be a yearly crowd pleaser with Comic Con conventions,++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ bringing in both new and older generations of Dr. Who followers with its engrossing storyline and well built, well loved characters.




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