Ronald_ReaganPresident Ronald Reagan

Was the 40th US President?

He was in office from the January 20th 1981 to 1989

Before he was a President he was a radio star in college a master of stage, worked in Hollywood during WW2. He left college to go in to radio and sports announcing.RONALD REAGAN

Later he did a screen test for Hollywood and starred many westerns over the next ten years.

He became a spokesperson to the U.S senate on the FBI alleged allegations to communism in the mainstream of Hollywood. He believed that Hollywood was a freethinking people with eccentric thoughts completely unrelated to communism. During the senate hearings it was believed Hollywood was in a rats nest for communst thinking. Charges that deeply disturbed the anticommunist Reagan, who sought to change the way of thinking by speaking out at these hearings.

In 1966 he succeeded in running for governor of California.

He gave California tax breaks and paid off most of the states debt and lead in California state healthcare reform for both Medicare and Medicaid. He was asked to run for President in 1968, 1976 and 1980, but was defeated on all occasions. In 1984 he would run again and finally he won. He was the driving force behind the star wars satellite spyware technology, to assist in the downfall of communism.reagan

Ronald Regan along with wife Nancy was also known for their personal crusade on educating children and parents with the war on drug use in communities on the U.S. home front.

He is survived by his wife Nancy Regan who held true to everything he fought for as president and promised the United States during his term in office, to the best of her ability even after his death. Nancy also started the D.A.R.E program (Drug Awareness Resistance Education), which brought awareness to the public school with the just say no campaign, to improve his legacy there was a library made in his name which will depict all the great achievements that he has done for future generations.


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