swagThe word “SWAG” has come to mean different clothing styles. It is also another word for “cool”. The term started being used in the 1800’s as slang for the Scottish word “swagger”, which was a description of the way some Scots walk (in a swaying motion). Over time the word was altered in the English language to mean, “The way one presents oneself.”swag1round

These days the term Swag means how you dress, your clothing style, confidence in yourself, personality, and the way you carry yourself around others. Swag is also very popular in the hip-hop community and is mentioned in song lyrics and presented in music videos. The mainstream media portrayal of “SWAG” is described usually as wearing black, some sort of baggy jeans/shorts, wearing a fitted hat, and some form of jewelry. Swag can also be described as having more of a clean cut, well-dressed style that is usually very expensive for a lot of people.swag2round

Swag has a lot different meanings and forms, what does it mean to you?swag3round

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