There have been several television

shows set in Las Vegas. From Robert Urich in “Vegas” to James Caan in “Las Vegas” our city has lit up the small screen. But, the most successful series based in Las Vegas is CSI. CSI is

a crime-scene show based on actual crimes. Forensic examiners use stateof- the-art technology to help solve a murder mystery. Unlike some crime shows where they interview possible suspects or witnesses, who may have seen the crime happening, CSI gives you an in-depth look as to how the victim died. CSI has been rated the

number 1 crime show of all time all over the world for four years. People have been enjoying this show, just like the shows,Quincy and the X-Files. It also got a Saturn Award nomination for best network television series.Elivs Golden Records

The latest television craze is reality TV, and Las Vegas is right in the middle of the frenzy. American Restoration and Counting Cars are both about Las Vegas business and are helping to show a different side of our city. But of course “The Pawn Stars” was the first reality Series set in Las Vegas. Three generations run this family owned businessElvis Album

looking for rare items to buy for cash. In every episode, it shows pawnbrokers talking to customers about what they want to sell or pawn. Most of the time, the customers can make a reasonable deal with the pawnbroker and exchange their belongings (usually jewelry) for money, other times the customer may not like the pawnbroker’s offer and they will keep their belongings for themselves. Las Vegas has seen many entertainers of the years. Some have made more of an impression than others and can even be considered iconic. Clanit

One of many is Liberace, though flamboyant at times his skills as a performer were unbound. In his early career he bypassed the radio feeling that due to the visual aspects of his act it was not a suitable venue. His costume changes with the ostrich like feathers and sparkling sequence capes gave him the name of “Mr. Showmanship”.In 2003 they opened the Liberace Museum to showcase his many costumes and his famed piano.Ganster Suit 1

Other icons that made Vegas what it is today were the “Rat pack”, a group of entertainers in the 1960’s. Frank Sinatra was the head of the pack that also included Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. They created a performance that was classy and stylish and is still being paid tribute to today.

When you think of Vegas a name that will always comes up is Elvis Presley. He was larger than life and his flashy outfits really represented what The Strip is all about. His many performances at the New Frontier as well as the Las Vegas Hilton are definitely a big part of our city’s history.

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