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There have been many entertainers who have wowed and shocked the world over with bizarre appearances and outfits. From Elton John to Lady Gaga, each decade has had entertainers that have shocked us with their appearance. Others made an impact on pop culture by setting fashion trends that may not have shocked people but that took on a life of their own.

The 1980’s saw many new fashion trends. Prince was a very popular entertainer and his was a style that many people copied. It could also be called “Pirate Look” and consisted of buccaneer shirts and blouses. The “Valley Girl” was also another extremely popular fashion trend in the 80’s made famous by such films as “Flash Dance” and “Valley Girl.” Michael Jackson took the world by storm with Thriller in the 80’s and created a fashion trend with the red zipper jacket and signature glove he sported in the video. Madonna also made a huge impact with her outrageous outfits and affected the wardrobes of young women tremendously in the 80’s. Some call it the “Street Urchin Look” which consisted of accessories such as leggings worn under skirts, multiple neon bracelets, fishnet gloves, bleached untidy hair (usually dark at the roots), head bands, and laced ribbons.

The 90’s also had its fair share of fashion trends set by great performers as well. The biggest trend introduced in the 90’s was the “Grunge Look”. Marked by messy hair, unkempt baggy clothes, and plaid jackets, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana were among the setters of this trend.

In the 2000’s hip-hop completely changed the fashion trends that people are following to a cleaner cut and universally accepted look. Slacks with open blazers, large sun glasses, and flashy jewelry have been made popular by such performers as Akon, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke.

A lot of the trends from the past 30 years have come and gone but have resurfaced in a different form in today’s society. Music, movies, entertainers, and fashion have become a lot edgier and more realistic compared to 20 years ago. Each generation of entertainers try to outdo the ones before them and some leave a lasting mark. Whatever trends you miss or are interested in there is always something for someone in this wild fun filled world we live in.

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