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Issue #13 – Fremont Facts

Fremont was closed to street traffic on September 7th, 1994.

Average daily attendance is more than 25,000 visitors


The canopy stands 90 feet above the ground and is over 5 football fields long (1500 feet).


It contains more than 12 million LED lights with 16.7 million color combinations.


The Fremont Street Experience has a 555,000 watt sound system

There are 15 shows to choose from at all times.

Some of the shows that have been played are: Band to the Bone, A Tribute to Queen, and Bon Jovi.

Casinos on and around Fremont Street; Binion’s, Fremont Hotel and Casino, Main Street Station, Four Queens, Golden Nugget, the D, and the Golden Gate.

binionsgolden nuggetthe D

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