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What you will need:

1. Pastel chalk which you can buy at Michael’s for under $15.

2. A squirt bottle with water to dampen the hair.

3. A comb.

4. An old towel to protect  your clothes

5. Hair spray to set the color (optional).


In the entertainment industry it’s all about flash; the bigger and brighter the better. That goes for the hairstyles sported by today’s pop stars like Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj. Circles wondered how they dye their hair so much without damaging it. With a different color every week, their hair must be a stylist’s nightmare. Well we found that they don’t always use dye to get those wild dos. Circles will show you how to use chalk to infuse some color into your style. It is really very easy to do, and with a little practice, you can create some star worthy hair styles of your own.


Tip 1:

Almost any color shows in light hair, but bright colors are best for darker hair.

step 1

Tip 2:

Don’t get hair too wet

.tip 2

Tip 3:

Apply chalk in a downward motion and twist hair to get chalk on all sides.

 tip 3

Tip 4:

Avoid brushing or combing your hair once you get the desired look because it will remove much of the color.

tip 4

Tip 5:

Wear gloves to keep color from staining your hands.

 tip 5

Tip 6:

Chalking your hair can dry your hair so condition it well when you wash out the chalk.

 tip 6

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