Bobby FlayBobby Flay was born in 1964 in New York. When Flay was 8 he wanted to start cooking and asked his dad for an easy bake oven for Christmas.

At the age of 17 Flay dropped out of high school and received his first job at a pizza parlor. His next job was making salads at Joe Allen restaurant in New York’s Theater District.

Allen was so impressed by Flay’s ability that he agreed to pay for his tuition to attend the Culinary Institute which he graduated from in 1984.

Although he quickly was given the position of executive chef at Brighton Grill he quit when he realized that he was not ready to run a kitchen.

Later Flay took a position as a chef working for Jonathan Waxman at Bud & Jams restaurant where he was introduced to southwestern and

Cajun cuisine. He was then given the position of executive chef at Mesa Grill which opened in 1991.

Since then Flay has partnered with the owner of Mesa Grill to open the Bolo Bar and even a second Mesa Grill here in Las Vegas.

Bobby Flay now has restaurants all over the world. He has written 10 cookbooks and established a scholarship for students in the Long Island City Culinary Arts Program.

Ingredients and equipment needed:

Steak. French bread (sliced).

Parsley Mixing bowls.

Provolone Cheese.

Garlic Puree Olive Oil.

Canola Oil.

Salt Pepper Butter Knife Measuring cups.

and spoons Cutting board Grill.

Bobby Flay’s Open Faced Steak Sandwich with Aged Provolone and Parsley Oil This sandwich is a great finger food for holiday parties or just for dinner at home.

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