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Chromo keying is a type of special effect where two photos or videos come together. Chromo keying is mostly used in video production and post-production and another word for it is color-keying or green screen. This can be done with various types of back grounds as long as they are different in hue from human skin colors. The background cannot be the color of the subject either. For example, during a news broadcast the weatherman will be standing in front of a blank wall but, when people watch TV, they are actually seeing a weather map. This is done by the weatherman having a large CGI map superimposed onto the blank background wall. To achieve a desired effect there needs to be the correct balance of light and color. There is software made to filter these two elements together. Some studios have painted green walls that can be used for screening. There are special paints made for just this application. These paints are used to provide just the right texture. If you are on a budget you can use green or blue paint found at your hardware store, but you may lose a little quality. You can also get the same effect by using green or blue poster board. Here are some effects you can get and how we got them.

1. All you need is green or blue poster board, tape, and scissors.

2. We taped the poster board to a wall and placed an object in front of it.

3. With the use of software we were able to remove the back ground and replace it with a different one.

IMG_1845materialsIMG_1840IMG_1839step 1step 2step 3

finish 1finish 2finish 3final finishIMG_1863place step 1place step 2IMG_1857IMG_1856IMG_1855place step 3IMG_1848

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