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When you think about celebrities you may think of entertainers such as Beyonce’, Katy Perry, or even 2-Chains. Or maybe actors like Tom Hanks or Angelina Jolie come to mind. But in recent years a new type of celebrity has emerged. We are referring to celebrity chefs. Celebrity chefs on television are a trend that began as early as 1993 with the Iron Chef. More than a dozen chefs have been featured on television and cooking related shows can now be found on at least 3 cable networks; The Food Channel, The Cooking Channel, and The Travel Channel.pot

We have chosen three chefs and their recipes. The first Chef that we have chosen is Rachael Ray. She is not only a chef; she  also has cookware and cutlery that she has come out with. Rachael has appeared on several cooking shows and authored several books. Bobby Flay is the next chef that we have chosen. He has appeared on The Food Network and also has a restaurant here in Las Vegas located inside Caesars Palace called The Mesa Grill. Flay has cooked for President Obama and he also has several cookbooks out. The final chef is Paula Deen, she has also published books and licensed her name to kitchenware and packaged meats for Smithfield foods. She became the face of the company on TV and online. Paula has won two Daytime Emmy Awards for outstanding lifestyle host and outstanding lifestyle program.

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