Circles hit the streets of Las Vegas to find out what the what the most popular sports movies is. We talked to 75 people and here are their top choices.


1. Rocky             rocky promo


2. Brian’s Song   brians_song_hss


3. The Longest Yard TheLongestYardLockdownEd12401_f


4. Rudy    rudymovie


5. The Blind Side    blind side


6. The Mighty Ducks    ducks


7. The Natural  the natural


8. Bad News Bearsbad_news_bears


9. The Replacements  220px-Replacements_ver3


10. Any Given Sunday  any given sunday


11. Bring it on   bring it on


12. The Losers  


13. Jerry McGuire


14. The Gridiron


15. The Sandlot


16. Space Jam


17. Cars


18. Miracle


19. Fever Pitch


20. The Big Green



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