Ingredients and Equipment: Ice Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream Almond milk Chocolate whey protein powder Mint extract (optional) Measuring cup Blender

Who doesn’t love a cold shake on a hot day? Mix up this shake to cool you off and replenish your energy

Always wash your hands before handling any food.Sink

Step 1:Put one cup of ice in a blender.Blender 1

Step 2:Add one scoop of chocolate whey protein powderMix

Step 3: Add one cup of Almond Milk.Alomod Milk

Step 4:Add 1/2 cup of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream.Ice Cream

Step 5:As an option,add one drop of mint extract.Mixed It Up Unitl Done

Step 6:After combining all ingredients, cover the blender, then blend on a low setting until smooth. Serve chilled.Mixed It Up Unitl Done

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