Lizzy Samlowski: lizzy

 Bring It On; I Ilike watching sports teams like gymnastics and cheerleading because playing music while dancing is fun to watch. This movie really inspires me to try out for a dance team one day.

Jeremy Holland: Jeremy Holland

Angels in the Outfield; the reason why I like this movie is because it brings back memories of when I played baseball as a kid, and how much fun I had playing this sport. Another thing is this movie taught me that you can do anything you want to do as long as you believe in yourself and put your best effort into it.

Nick Roque: nick roque

The Express; I like the story line and how it was a true story. The movie took place during in the Civil Rights Movement when the blacks were separated from the whites. But at the end all the people came together. I enjoy this movie because it’s all about unity.

Nora Miranda: nora miranda

I really like the movie The Blind Side because it was about a boy whose parents abandoned him. He was adopted just like myself and became a really big football star in the N.F.L. By watching this movie it made me feel that I should never give up on my dreams no matter how big they are.

Tony Johnston: tony johnston

Rocky; because it had heart, it wasn’t just Rocky beating people up. It was also a love story. And I like how Rocky was able to balance his responsibilties to his families and his career.

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