Issue #12 – A Place to Play




Cowboy’s Stadium

No matter what sport you play, watch or dream about there has to be a place to play it, and when it comes to stadiums, rinks and ballparks there are some out there that are famous beyond all. Cowboy’s Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys,comes to mind when you think of opulence and grandeur.


Jerry Jones spent an estimated 1.2 billion dollars to build the stadium located in Arlington, Texas. The stadium has features that include a huge video board suspended from the middle of the stadium so that all can see it and a low cost feature to watch the game from the “party pass” area.

Water Cube Beijing

Water Cube Beijing

Around the world there are stadiums that are built to better than those they compete against and for the world to see. In China, located in the heart of Beijing is the Olympic swimming stadium known as the “Water Cube” because of the exterior cubical bubble design. It has been said that it is the fastest pool in the world.

In Moscow a huge covered stadium was built for the Olympics and is called the Grand Sports Arena of the Luzhniki Olympic Complex, this massive stadium seats 78,360 people and is one of the pride stadiums of the Russian people.


Luzhniki StadiumLuzhniki Stadium





In London the famous Wimbledon Tennis Club is where the world’s finest Tennis players gather to compete for the prize of prizes for tennis, the big names that have come out of there are synonymous with its prestige. Las Vegas’ own Andre Agassi being among them.




Dodger Stadium

yankee stadium

Yankee Stadium

Back on our home turf many famous stadiums house the plethora of sports that encompass the globe and are brought to the U.S., but back when Abner Doubleday first started playing a little known game now known as baseball Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park were distant legacies that weren’t thought of yet and no inkling of it being America’s favorite pastime being the norm.

When it comes to boxing there are arenas and showrooms in just about any city that can accommodate the sport, Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

has had some of the most famous boxing matches in history, such as bouts between Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis in 1999 and also Miguel Cotto and Zab Juddah in 2007. Ceasar’s Palace is also another famous boxing mecca








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