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Collecting is simply the gathering of items together over a period of time. It is probably one of the oldest recorded hobbies. Collecting began as early as 305 B.C. and the most popular items collected during past centuries, were artistic statues, paintings and books. Today people collect anything from bottle caps to coins, toy cars to old televisions. If the items are old enough they may even be considered antiques; but that doesn’t always make the more valuable.disney figure collection  The true value of most collections is its importance to the owner. Collections are as varied as people themselves. But there are some things that are more commonly collected than others. Stamps and coins are among the most popular things to collect. Dolls, figurines, and action figures are also among the top items collectedwindup toy.

Childhood and family memories are one reason people are attracted to certain items.  A favorite sport, animal, movie, or person can be the inspiration for a collection. Collecting items in hopes that their value will increase can be a big part of why people collect. Many collectors dream of their items becoming a path to financial security. But enjoyment is probably the biggest reason people collect things; they simply like the items.  Everybody collects something in their life. It can be a fun hobby that ties us to our past and helps us recall fond memories.

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