By Tony Johnston, Josh Linson, and TJ Smyth

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Playing sports is a big part of most people’s childhoods; from t-ball to Pop Warner football to High School sports; it is a passion that they carry into adulthood. There are many leagues that people can participate in to relive their glory days and even make new ones, whether you are 5 years old or 95 years old there is a program out there for you. Sports leagues cater to all facets of life including those who may have a disability. So if you have a craving for your favorite sport, Go out and play. Special Olympics is one of the largest nonprofessional sports leagues in the world. They have over 4 million athletes in 170 countries. There are events at the local level as well as regional, state, national and global competitions. Special Olympics hold the World Games every two years and this years games will be held in Korea. Every child deserves a chance to play baseball.” That is the belief of Miracle League which was formed in 1997 with just 1 child. There are now over 250 Miracle League organizations serving 200,000 children and young adults with disabilities. Las Vegas area recreation centers offer sports programs and leagues. They have programs for all ages and the prices are incredibly cheap and even cheaper for senior citizens. Racquetball, men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball are some of the leagues that recreation centers host. They also have classes in yoga, martial arts, swimming, and more. Big League Dreams is a local sports complex that allows the public to play on baseball fields that are replicated from some of the greatest baseball stadiums around the United States, including Dodger Stadium and Wrigley Field. They also have indoor soccer fields and batting cages. So whether you have a hankering for horseshoes or a propensity for ping-pong there is a sports and a place out there for you to play

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