By Tim Roberts


Board games can be a fun past time and many people enjoy playing games like chess, checkers, Life, and Clue. But here are a couple of games that you probably wouldn’t like to play…..even if you could.

Jumanji (1995):Jumanji

The story of Jumanji is about a supernatural board game that releases dangers from the jungle when players roll the dice. The movie starts with two kids burying a chest that contains a board game in 1869. The movie jumps to 1969 when a boy named Alan finds the game and takes it to his house. Alan and his friend Sara start to play the game and Alan gets sucked into it and has to wait until someone rolls a five or an eight. Twenty-six years later two kids, Judy and Peter find the game and are able to release Alan but they need to finish the game with all four players. They find Sarah and convince her to play too. The game continues and the players face many obstacles. The game ends with Alan winning and all the dangers they faced being sucked back into the game. Alan and Sarah then find themselves back in 1969 but with their memories intact. They chain up the game and throw it into the river. Then twenty six years later Alan and Sarah live in the house where it all started.

Zathura (2005)Zathura: The story of Zathura is about two brothers named Walter and Danny who can never get along with each other. While staying at their father’s home, along with their sister Lisa, the boys find a board game that is space themed and begin to play. The game sends them to deep space with their house floating on a small rock. As they continue to play they manage to avoid the dangers of the game. They rescue a stranded astronaut and working together they were able to keep an alien race called Zorgons from destroying the house. Eventually the astronaut is revealed to be an older Walter from a different timeline when he wished his brother Danny away and got stuck in the game without a second player. Danny wins the game and Zathura is revealed to be a black hole. Walter, Danny, and Lisa find themselves back to the beginning before Danny starts the game.

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