We may feel like we are always working. Between our jobs, family responsibilities, and everyday tasks, it may seem that there aren’t enough hours in the day to include a recreational activity. But most people have at least some spare time during their day to participate in an activity of their choosing.

Many people have some type of hobby that interest them and that they enjoy participating in. It may be reading, painting, writing poetry, or some type of crafting  Libraries and community centers offer a wide variety of classes and workshops if you are looking for a new hobby. And the best part is they are usually free or low cost.

Sports are of interest to many people as well and there are a many professional sports to follow. But there are also non-professional sports leagues that people can participate in; whether you want to lead the team by coaching, be a star player, or just cheer the team to victory. Any one of the valley’s many recreational centers is a good place to start if you are looking to compete in a sport.

While work is an extremely important aspect of our lives, everyone needs to take a little time to unwind and havesome fun. So even if it just adding items to your favorite collection, find something you enjoy and get to it!


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