Football Party

By Cassie Hitchcock and Nora Miranda

A tailgate party is a social event that typically happens in the parking lot of a stadium or arena. People gather around the open tailgates of vehicles where they cook food on portable grills usually prior to a sporting event. This popular social event usually involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages mixed with the savory taste of hamburgers and hot dogs, barbeque chicken and ribs, brats and kraut, and even crawfish and shrimp. It’s not only fun, but helps eliminate expensive and often time consuming trips to the concession stand.

Tailgate party must-haves:

A portable grill


UtensilsTailgate Time 1

Ice chest(s)Cooler

ChairsChair Time

Radio or portable TVPortable TV

Plates, napkins,Paper plate and napkins



Plenty of food

Tailgating has become a pre-game ritual that raises the moral of the attendees. So don’t forget to bring decorations that show your spirit and enthusiasm.

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