Patriotism is such a rampant concept in today’s world. But 300 hundred years ago it wasn’t like that. So what was the spark that started it all? Which event gave rise to this wildfire? In my eyes the Revolutionary War was the start of such a grand movement as this. Now let’s look back upon the events of history with this little quiz.

The Boston Tea Party was a protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, a city in the British colony of Massachusetts, against the tea policy of the British government and East India Company that controlled all the tea imports into the colonies. The protestors boarded 3 British ships in the dead of night and threw countless boxes and crates of tea into the waters of the harbor below.

1:) The protestors threw what into the Boston harbor?

A)  Tobacco                B) Tea                 C) Cotton                   D) Coffee

2:) The protest was held in the middle of the day.  True or False

3:) The British government and ___________________ controlled all the tea imports into the colonies.

Samuel Adams in Boston created the first “Committee of Correspondence” which helped with an exchange of ideas and further discussions. Several people from all over the colonies met at the First Continental Congress to discuss further courses of action. They ramped things up with a boycott of all British goods among other things. Attempting to regulate how the Colonies traded with Britain and institute greater rights for colonists. But more importantly they redefined how their actions were phrased from people “rioting” in the streets to defending their basic rights as human beings. Cities and towns started forming voluntary militias (minutemen) who began to practice openly in public areas. Culminating and leading to the Battle of Lexington and Concord. A war had begun.

4:) Samuel Adams created the first ____________________________.

5:) The Colonists boycotted:

A) French Goods              B) Spanish Goods            C) British Goods               D) Indian Goods

6:) The minutemen were voluntary militia. True or False

The Americans maintained an impasse with the British until 1781. Lord Charles Cornwallis was holding Yorktown with a large army of British forces until the Continental Army laid siege to it, giving the Colonists a decisive victory over the British. 2 years and several scattered battle later the british finally caved decided to negotiate a peace treaty granting the Colonies freedom and forming the United States of America. This was first time in history something like this had been accomplished, it was something that had inspired the world in a more positive direction. Influencing the next 2 hundred years and forward, simply by changing the way we think of what patriotism means.

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