Photos by Michelle Frese

Brighten up your 4th of July festivities with this colorful and fun desert.

IMG_9845Ingredients and Equipment:
1 package Cherry Jell-O
1 package Berry Blue Jell-O
1 packet Knott’s Gelatin
1 can condensed milk
Cooking spray
Measuring cup
Mixing bowls
Mixing spoons
Shallow baking trays





Always wash your hands before handling any food.

IMG_9848Step 1:
In separate bowls
mix each flavored
Jell-O with 1 cup
hot water.




SStep 2tep 2:
Mix until dissolved.






IMG_9859Step 4:
Pour Jell-O into
pans that have been
coated with baking
spray and chill for 2
hours or until firm.



IMG_9866Step 4:
Cut flavored Jell-O
into cubes and
place randomly
in a baking tray.



Step 5Step 5:IMG_9860
Dissolve 2 envelopes
unflavored gelatin in
¼ cup cold water.




IMG_9863Step 6:IMG_9869
Add dissolved
gelatin to 1¾ cup
hot water and
condensed milk. Cool.



IMG_9871Step 7:Step 6a
Pour milk and gelatin
mixture over Jell-O
and chill until firm.




IMG_0188Step 8:Step 7
Cut Jell-O
into squares (or
stars) and serve.





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