One of the first things we learn in school is the reciting of the pledge of allegiance. And we all know it is proper to stand during the National Anthem. Not to mention, who doesn’t love a 4th of July barbeque followed by a dramatic fireworks display that lights up the night sky? These are some of the ways we show support and dedication to our country. But how often do we think about the sacrifices that were made by brave men and women to make our country what it is today? How often do we really think about what it means to be an American? Although everyone may have a different opinion as to the greatest attributes of our country, we should all be able to agree on one thing: we have the freedom to express those opinions. We have the freedom to get an education, to practice our chosen religion, to build a life, to chase our dreams. Circles would like to dedicate this issue to Celeste Desoto who did just that and lived her life to the fullest. Against all odds she built a beautiful life. She was a wonderful addition to our team and we are grateful for the time she was with us.












Celeste Desoto 1980 – 2013

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