By Josh Linson; Drawings by Josh Linson

From the flashiness of early America to the camouflage of later centuries, military uniforms have evolved and changed. They are reflections of different times and people. But all who wear them marched on and fought for our ideals.

Beginning of Revolutionary War –  No official military uniform as of yet.AM revolutionary war uniform

1775 – Official uniforms consist of hunting frocks.

1779 – First true uniform is blue.

1810 – Changed to blue with red color and cuffs.

1812 – Short tailed coat is issued

1813 – Red cuffs and collar disappear and lace takes their place.

1821 – Blue reaffirmed as national color for army uniforms.

1833 – Uniforms simplified to roundabout pattern, fatigue uniforms show up.

1851 – Coattee vanishes and multiple colors appear.

1874 – Ceremonial uniforms are issued.

1888 – Khaki uniforms are issued.

1911 – Drab olive uniforms are issued.Civil War Uniform

1917 – Service uniforms are simplified and dress uniforms vanish.

1918 – Shoulder-sleeve insignia appears.

1921 – Navy blue stripes added.

1956 – Army Green Uniforms are issued, Blue Dress uniforms are issued.

1988 – Camouflage pattern starts to appear more strongly.

2010 – Multi-cam Uniforms are issued.

 world war 2 uniform-a

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