By Josh Linson and Cory McClure

Many travel the world to see historical sites. Each place is a wonder in its own right. There are somes places that are a piece of our history that are very unique and everyone should see. Everyone should add at least a few of these to their bucket list.

statue featured

Statue of Liberty

First on our list is the beacon of New york Harbor, The rustic green and classical Statue of Liberty. This rusty beauty was given as a gift to the U.S from France. Constructed in 1886, this bronze work is a statue of “Libertas”, the Roman goddess of freedom. The iconic Lady Liberty stands over 305 feet tall and is a must-see piece of our history.

The Second item for your bucket list is one of seven natural wonders of the world. It took 40 million years for the Colorado River to carve and gouge out the earth’s crust creating the grand canyon. It’s so big you can see it from space. The Colorado

is also the home of the largest dams in the world so get a raft and check it all out.

Grand Canyon 
Grand Canyon

Third on list is an ingeniously built tribute to four great presidents and is located near Keystone, South Dakota. It took tons of dynamite and lots of jack hammering to complete the 60 foot high sculptures of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln that are carved into the granite at Mount Rushmore.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore

Our next pick is the site of the September 11th tragedy that impacted and traumatized Amercians. Over ten years later we’ve finally starting to heal and it was decided that the site of the original World Trade Center would be made into a memorial and new towers would take their place just south of the memorial. They’re making it bigger and better than before, it will be the 3rd tallest buliding in the world. Also one the most sustainable buildings of it size, it will depend very little on fossil fuels to operate… One World Trade center will be a positive symbol for the ages.


The Liberty Bell

“Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof”  is what it states on our next choice; The liberty bell ringing on the Fourth of July in 1776 isn’t true. Bells were were rung on July 8th (four days later) to announce the reading of the Declaration of independence and the Liberty Bell might have been one of them.

Native Americans called our final pick “Evil Island”, it is home of the first lighthouse to ever be bulit on the western coast. For over a century Alcatraz was an effective prison surrounded by the vicious waters of the bay. It was an inescapable place for prisonrs to spend the rest of their days but that changed when 3 prisoners escaped on a raft made of sewn

Alcatraz Island

 together jackets. So what did the government do next? They scrapped & gutted the prison to save themselves the embarrassment, which was later made into a historical Landmark.




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