Circles found some interesting facts about thewhite house
way some of our presidents celebrated their
inauguration. You might be surprised what some
of them served.
1. George Washington and John Adams
both dined alone after taking office.
2. James Buchanan, the only bachelor president,
really knew how to party and served 400
gallons of oysters, 500 quarts of chicken
salad, and even hired a French caterer to
prepare the food for the event.
3. Benjamin Harrison served an impressive
cake in the shape the Capital Building that
was 6 feet high and weighed 800 poundsJimmy Carter-PEANUTS-PRETZELS-tim
4. FDR’s fourth inauguration was during
World War 2 and they served a ration conscious
lunch that consisted of cold
chicken salad, rolls with no butter, cake
with no frosting, and coffee with no sugar.
5. Ronald Regan celebrated his first inauguration
in 1998 with a record eight events. At those
inaugural parties guests downed 40 million
jelly beans.
6. President Clinton‘s inaugural dinner
in 1993 was a traditional Arkansas
raccoon supper.
7. Jimmy Carter served only peanuts and6ft high 800lb cake-jason
pretzels at one inaugural party.
8. Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural ball
turned into a food fight.
9. Jelly Belly created Blueberry Jelly
Bellies especially for President Reagan
and he served them at his inaugural celebrations.

White_House_dinner_table_settings_Reagan_china black tie dinner-sonia





Fourth-Of-July-Cupcake-eric w






4th of july oreo truffles


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