By: Josh Linson


Nevada GIVES is a public charity whose mission is to raise awareness and charitable giving within the state of Nevada. Their vision of the future is a giving community that aims to improve the lives of all Nevadans. They were first launched as an initiative of the BCIC and the Nevada Community Foundation in 2003, but as interest in the initiative continued to grow Nevada GIVES recognized the need to increase its impact. So it decided to establish itself as an independent 501(3)c public charity in 2007.


Since it became an independent public charity Nevada GIVES increased its community outreach in furtherance of its mission. Some of their activities include Philanthropy Summit, “Meet the Grant makers” forum, quarterly BCIC luncheons, semi-annual meetings with the Southern Nevada Regional Funders Forum, and bi-annual Speed Dating for Funders and Nonprofits event. Nevada GIVES seems to have pretty ambitious plans for the future. Which include philanthropy promotional campaigns and utilizing technology to connect people with resources to those who need it?


Let’s take a look at philanthropy. The love of humanity and pursuit of charity. There are plenty of philanthropists out there more than most people know. People who dedicate a part of their lives to helping others in one way or another. Well Nevada GIVES holds a philanthropy summit to help organize and increase the impact that charities have in Nevada. They also try to come up with ways to get more people into charity. Now to me that is something quite impressive, it shows real dedication to helping others in this desert state of ours. I wonder what they’ll come up with this year.


Trust me they’ve got plenty of other stuff under their belt. Forums, events, programs, luncheons are a few of the things they do. Nevada and heck even the world need more charitable people. There are hardships people face every day. A billion people in the world suffer from a chronic state of hunger. So trust me there are plenty of people in the world who need the help of guys like these. Why not join them and help those in need. The more the merrier they say, so Google them and see what ‘you’ can do.


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