By Eric Washington, Andrew Zambo, Ariann Chelli


Photos by Dominique Clay-Brown


In today’s world there is an unfortunate

stigma attached to one’s attire. Someone

must look the part they want to play by

dressing in high power suites to obtain high

power jobs. But how can one dress to match

a financial lifestyle if their bank accounts or

paychecks don’t match the financial cost of

such garments.



In 1996 Nancy Lublin received $5,000.00

in inheritance money from her great

grandfather who was a very kind man with

a huge heart. Nancy decided to use the

money she inherited to help others in honor

of her great grandfather’s kindness. She

started a nonprofit organization called Dress

for Success in Harlem, NY that would help

women to help themselves gain economic




The organization does this by giving women

career development tools, a network

of support and provides women with

professional attire to look the part, hence the

name…Dress for Success. The organization

also provides women with classes that teach

them how to make an effective resume and

can be given mock interviews to help her

prior to a job or college interview. This not

only insures a woman is dressed appropriately

but also helps build the woman’s self-esteem

before going on a possibly life changing

interview. Dress for Success has no age limits

and has helped women as young as

16 years old.

Once a woman enters Dress for Success she

automatically gets the feeling like she is inside

a high-end boutique. She is greeted by a


stylist that helps her dress accordingly.

Not only does Dress for Success help women

with proper attire for job interviews, it also

helps women with job placement. Once the

job is obtained women can return to Dress

for Success and receive up to one week’s

worth of business outfits along with footwear,

cosmetic items and even accessories

to match!

Women from all over the world are referred

to Dress for Success by more than 3,000

organizations. Places that help women who

live below the poverty line, homeless shelters

and victims of domestic violence agencies

are just a few of those organizations. Dress

for Success now serves women in 100 cities,

35 states and 12 countries to help change

women’s lives all over the world!

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