“Who would you thank for making a difference in your life?”

If you were to ask 100 people who they would like to thank for making a difference in their lives, most would probably say “my mother” or another family member. That is why when Circles Magazine asked our team members who they would like to thank we added, “other than a family member”. The answers we received were as diverse as our team.

Jason Dandoy

Jason Dandoy: I would like to thank the military for keeping America safe. These soldiers should be proud and are the best people in the world for sacrificing everything to defend our freedom and keep peace all over the world! Keep up the good work!




Jocelyn LandJocelyn Land: Mr. David Born teaches American Sign Language or ASL for short. I would like to thank Mr. Born for all the things he has done for the The Washington State School for the Deaf. ASL is a very hard language to learn but because of Mr. Born’s patience and persistence, I now have two languages in my life. I am thankful to know both the English Language and American Sign Language because it has made everyday conversing so much easier for me.


Michelle Freeze

Michelle Freeze: I had worked at the same job rolling silverware for many years. In June of 2011 I changed jobs and joined Circles Magazine. I would like to thank my co-workers at Circles for helping me get through a big adjustment at a new job.




Sonia LopezSonia Lopez: I would like to thank everyone who is involved in any and all adoption transactions. These wonderful people make it possible for babies all over the world to find loving homes with parents who can support these adopted children emotionally and financially. For all the adopted children out there remember you were chosen to be loved by your family so you should feel very special.


Celeste Desoto

Celeste Desoto: I would like to thank Janis Riceberg, my resource teacher in high school. She taught students with visual impairments and helped them with homework, tests, and projects. Mrs. Riceberg was always concerned for students with physical and emotional problems. Since we could not drive, Mrs. Riceberg would take us out on field trips and to dances. I still keep in touch with her on Facebook and we will always remain close friends.


Dominique Clay-Brown

Dominique Clay-Brown: I would like to thank all the Circles Magazine staff. They have helped me with a lot of things such as photography, photo editing, and writing articles. They have taught me things that have helped me to become a great office assistant and a leader here at Circles. I want to truly thank them for everything they have helped me with; my shout out goes out to the staff at Circles.




Melissa SommersI want to thank my old house manager name Kim and my staff Tenish is my friend she got me this far and I miss her so much she help me to be successful and I hope I can see her when I move out. She help me raise a turtle.



Eric WashingtonEric Washington:  I want to thank my house manager for helping me out and supporting me. She is a good friend she is so nice she looks out for me. She is the best house manager.




Daniel Romero:  Her name is Sandra Lopez she is a very beautiful women I’ve been working with her for over two years she has taught me everything I want to know on how to be independent, nice, kind you name is. I’ am attached to other staff because she recommended a nice lady to me.


Cassie Jean2Cassie Hitchcock: I want to thank my favorite teacher Mrs. R for doing a lot for me and my twin sister in school. I love my teacher so much she is a caring person she help me and my twin sister so much and I don’t know what I do without her. She well be in our life forever she is so nice and amazing person to be in our lives.


 DebraDebra Depew: I want to say thank you to Robert f. Depew for giving me my first baby but I also want to say thank you to God as well.


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