the idea

The power of giving is a simple idea that Catherine Ryan Hyde turned into a book, which then became a movie, and then became a worldwide movement. Paying it forward is all about making a positive difference by doing good deeds for others who then pass on the kindness and so on. Blake Beattie (founder of International Pay it Forward Day) believes that people are giving by nature and hopes to encourage everyone to embrace the power of giving and in the process make the world a little bit brighter. One nice gesture or good deed has the power to create a wave of positive energy when passed on.

the day

Although we should be looking for ways to help others every day, on April 25th over 30 countries will take part in “Pay it Forward Day” as a powerful reminder of the positive energy associated with giving to others without the expectation of receiving anything in return. On “Pay it Forward Day” people are asked to do between one and three good deeds for others. The recipient of the good deed should then be asked to pay it forward to someone else in need. You can create and print pay it forward cards to hand to each recipient explaining what paying it forward is about.

the deeds

Donating money to your favorite charity is always a good way to give back. But here are a few other ideas as well: When you are getting your morning cup of coffee; pay for the next person’s coffee too. Pay for the next car’s order in the drive thru at a fast food restaurant. Pay for somebody else’s movie ticket. Donate gently used clothing. There are also countless ways to “Pay it Forward” that don’t cost a penny, they just take a little of your time. Holding a door for someone with their hands full may seem insignificant, but that small act may brighten someone’s day. Next time you receive good service, tell the manager of the restaurant or store how great your server, sales person, or cashier was. Not only will that make their day, it may get them a raise. Return a lost or dropped item to the rightful owner. If you have an elderly neighbor offer to walk their dog, get their mail, or carry in their groceries. Hope and giving is priceless and together we can make a difference by being kind to each other.

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