Star studded extravaganzas on The Strip, neon

flashing lights, late night parties, and New Years Eve

fireworks; that is how some people view Las Vegas.

All they see are the casinos and bars, the drinking and

gambling. But they don’t know the real Las Vegas,

homes, families, schools, and businesses. We go to

work, send our kids to school, and go to church just

like any other community. But like any city it is not

without its problems; we have unemployment, heath

care issues, homelessness, and hunger. Las Vegas

isn’t a large city when compared to New York City

or Los Angeles but if you don’t know where to turn

when you are in need of help it can feel like it is. But

we also have a lot of people that do amazing things to

help others and they are striving to make Las Vegas

a better place tomorrow than it was yesterday. The

“REAL” Las Vegas is filled with hard working, caring

people that deserve a pat on the back and a sincere

thank you, whether they want it or not.


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